The Norwegian Seaweed Biorefinery Platform

The  Norwegian  Seaweed  Biorefinery  Platform  (SBP‐N)  is  a  five‐year project  funded  by  the  Research  Council  of  Norway starting in 2019. This is a national consortium generated to coordinate the efforts of research institutions toward an in‐ creased and sustainable Norwegian seaweed‐based industry.

The main goal of the platform will be to serve as a hub for research, knowledge,  methodology  and  stakeholder  networks.  The platform  will aid  in  the  regulation  of macroalgae cultivation and harvesting industries, and in characterisation of macroalgae‐derived products.

Research in the project will focus on characterisation of the biomass, development of technology enabling future economically and envi‐ ronmentally sustainable biorefinery processes, and establishment of high‐value and bulk product pipelines.